Tips for Winter Pet Care


Winter is coming quickly, and it’s essential to make sure your pets are ready for the cold weather. How can you ensure that they will be safe and comfortable throughout the cold months? Here are a few tips to help you make sure your pet is safe all winter long.


Don’t Leave Pets Outside

Letting your indoor and outdoor pets outdoors in the winter is a bad idea. With much less food available, wild animals tend to prey on what they can find; this can include your cat or small dog. They may also become lost or get seriously injured, and with rapid snowfall, they can be challenging to find. If you let your pets outside during the warmer months, it would be wise to either keep them in or use a dog run or leash to allow them out safely during the colder months.


Keep Rock Salt to A Minimum

Rock salt is dangerous for pets! Though it is used to thaw ice and snow from steps and walkways, many rock salt varieties are poisonous to pets. The rock salt can burn their paws, and if ingested, cause serious bodily harm. We recommend using a pet-safe rock salt variety to ensure your pet’s safety. Always make sure that any rock salt that is brought into the house is quickly cleaned up.


Cracked Pads

With cold weather comes cracked feet and dry skin, even for your pets! If your pet has cracked feet, you should bring them to our Vet office in Northvale as soon as possible so we can verify that it’s due to the cold weather. Once we do that, we can give you the proper instructions to treat their cracked feet or dry skin.


Your pet is a part of your family, and it is essential to make sure they’re ready for the cold. If your pet is displaying any unusual behaviors or symptoms, give our Vet office in Northvale a call to set up an appointment as soon as possible.