Summer Safety Tips from Your Rockland County Vet 


Did you know that dogs and cats can sweat through their paw pads? Unfortunately, this means they’re not as good at keeping themselves cool as humans, so it’s more important than ever to help them keep cool during dangerous, hot months.  


Keep reading to learn some simple summer safety tips from your Rockland County vet that may save your pet’s life!  


Keep Them Hydrated 


Dogs and cats should always have easy access to clean water, whether inside or outside. Not only can water help keep them cool during the summer, but dehydration has severe repercussions for an animal’s health.  

When you’re out walking, bring a pet water bottle that allows them to drink comfortably on the go.  


Check the Time 


During the hottest months of the year, you’ll need to pay more attention to the hour you decide to take your dog for a walk. In the middle of the afternoon, the asphalt can become painfully hot for sensitive dog feet. 


Animals are also more likely to suffer heatstroke if you take them for long walks during the hottest time of the day. So instead, focus on timing your walks and playtime in the morning or evening.  


Don’t Leave Them in the Car 


You should never leave animals or children alone in cars, no matter what time of year. However, summer can be hazardous because car heat rises exponentially in the summer.  


In only fifteen minutes, the heat in a car can rise by 10 degrees. So in only a brief amount of time, your pet can suffer from heatstroke in the car.  

Some cars today, like Teslas, have “pet modes” that keep the vehicle air-conditioned and display a screen that lets people know that your pet is safe.  


However, if your car doesn’t have this capability, keep them home if you’re planning to run errands!  


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Pets need specific winter care and summer care to make sure they stay safe, comfortable, and happy throughout the season. Make sure to pay attention to your pet and note any behavior changes–don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian for advice.  


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