Top-of-the-Line Pet Care from our Serving River Vale Vet, Dr. Bauer

Palisades Veterinary Hospital is your source for high-quality veterinary care near the River Vale community and beyond! Our River Vale vet currently offers a variety of veterinary treatments to treat any health issue your pet is experiencing. No matter how big or small, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped to care for every veterinary health issue. 
Our experienced team is committed to maintaining your pet’s health throughout their lifetime. That's why it's so important to find a veterinarian you can trust for years to come. Our talented staff gets to know you and your pet so we can work with you to create a more personalized treatment plan. Veterinary care that's customized to work for your pet’s needs helps maintain a better quality of life.
It also helps us understand their health background better, which clues us in to any underlying conditions they may have. Palisades Veterinary Hospital creates a custom healthcare plan to better maintain and treat your pet’s health. Our River Vale vet helps your pet feel happy and healthy!
river vale vetWe currently offer services in the following areas:
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No matter what your pet’s health and wellness needs are, trust that Palisades Veterinary Hospital is your source for high-quality treatments and procedures. Dr. Ean Bauer is proud to be your River Vale vet! Dr. Bauer is dedicated to providing excellent service to all animals in our area. Our talented team of veterinary professionals are dedicated to making quality veterinary care accessible to the pets who need it. That's why we aim to make our treatments affordable for pet owners so their furry friend gets the care they need. Talk to our team about your pet’s needs so we can build the right treatment plan for them. 
Diagnostic testing are an excellent tool for maintaining your pet’s health and preventing serious medical issues. We may recommend diagnostic testing if your pet seems to be experiencing some underlying health issues. Behavioral abnormalities, change in appetite, frequent bathroom breaks, and hair loss are quiet signals that your pet is experiencing a health issue.
If you notice your pet acting strange, bring them in for a checkup to our River Vale vet. Our team will determine if there's anything to address before jumping to any treatments. Some symptoms can be treated with a simple diet change or an allergy medication, so be sure to tell is about any discomfort your pet is experiencing. 
We also offer quality dental care for all animals. Dental care is very important for your pet’s health because it's directly connected to your pet’s organ function. Teeth cleanings are difficult for some pets, so we typically administer anesthesia while we examine their teeth and gums. We check for any signs of dental decay or gum disease, then remove any tartar from the surface of their teeth. Teeth cleanings are an important part of your pet’s health and wellness, so be sure to visit Dr. Bauer routinely for a checkup.
Palisades Veterinary Hospital is proud to be your River Vale veterinary office. Call our practice at (845) 398-7387 to schedule your pet’s next visit with us!