4 Signs of Top-Notch Pet Boarding in Orangeburg   


If you want peace of mind on your subsequent work or vacation trip, start by finding the best pet boarding in Orangeburg by doing your research.  


Reputable pet facilities in your area will do everything in their power to ensure that your pet is safe, happy, and well-fed, but you must realize that the website doesn't tell the whole story.   


Keep reading to learn the top four signs you've found a great pet boarding facility!   


1. Vaccinations Required  


Reputable pet boarding facilities in Orangeburg always require vaccinations, flea and tick treatments, and other proof that your pet is being around other pets. They're not willing to risk the health of other pets, and they're well aware of the consequences of accepting pets that haven't had vaccinations or flea treatments.   


2. Genuine Care  


You'll find that during the tour of the facility, all the staff is friendly, welcoming, and genuinely love animals. This is why you'll feel at ease leaving your pet there for days at a time–you can be assured that they'll receive proper attention and care through trained staff throughout their stay.  


Top pet boarding facilities will also provide personalized care when it comes to your dog or cat's usual food, medication, favorite toys, and more. They should be willing and able to accept all these things knowing that they can help your pet adjust to the new environment and people.   


3. Exercise Opportunities  


Pet facilities know that cooped-up pets are unhappy pets. For that reason, they offer clean and safe outdoor areas for dogs to stretch their legs and get a breath of fresh air. Likewise, cats should also be allowed out of their kennels and stretch their legs in a safe, enclosed environment.   


The kennels should also be large enough for cats to stand fully up in, use the litter box, and move around. If they're too small and cramped, that's an indication that the boarding facility is trying to save space and money in the wrong way.   


4. Ability to Give Tours  


Lastly, it's important that you tour the facility you're considering before you board your pets. This is the only way to get a proper idea of how clean they keep the kennel during the day, how large the kennels are, and whether the outdoor area for dogs is sufficient.  


If the facility you're considering seems reluctant to give a quick tour or entirely against it, this is a red flag!   


The Best Pet Boarding in Orangeburg  


It all starts by asking to take a tour of the pet boarding facility you're considering. If they're willing to give a quick tour, look for clean and spacious kennels, an outdoor area that's clean, shady, and has fresh water available.   


You'll find that the staff have your pet's best interests at heart if they ask for vaccination records and provide a pet emergency plan for flooding, earthquakes, and more.   


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