2023 New Year’s Resolutions for Pet Owners From Your Rockland County Vet 


If you want to be the best pet owner you can be, it’s time to reevaluate some of your habits and routines so that you can ensure the quality of your pet’s life is at its highest.  


With this in mind, keep reading to learn some important new year’s resolutions from your favorite Rockland County vet!  


Daily Exercise 


Pets need daily exercise, whether you own dogs, cats, hamsters, or a combination! Exercise keeps your cats mentally and physically stimulated and lessens the chance of pet obesity, which can drastically lower their lifespan and quality of life.  


If you have a hyperactive dog or one prone to destroying your property, exercise can help keep them calm and mellow when they’re indoors.  


Teeth and Gum Health 


Did you know that about 70 percent of dog parents have never brushed their dog’s teeth? This is an alarming statistic because dogs and cats become more prone to dental health issues as they age. This year, make a resolution to begin brushing your dog’s teeth at least once a week to mitigate painful cavities that pets are good at hiding.  


Based on your pet’s health and age, we may recommend you get your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned every six months up to once every two years. 


Attend Obedience Classes 


Is your dog jumping up on guests or has a habit of biting hands? It’s time to enroll them in an obedience class! These classes can help you strengthen your bond with your dog and help you become a more responsible and effective pet owner.  


Keep in mind that it takes time to train dogs, and you need to continue to practice and be consistent to make sure the training sticks!  


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Exercising daily, brushing your pets’ teeth, and consistent training are all excellent resolutions if you’re determined to become a better pet owner and enhance your pet’s life. Of course, it’s essential to see your veterinarian at least once a year to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy.  


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